Legge 990 'S' Series

Legge 990 S1 Slding Door Mortice Deadlock Legge 990 S3 Sliding Glass Door Mortice Deadlock Legge 990 S5 Lock Up Shop Sliding Door Mortice Deadlock Legge 990 S7 Sliding Mortice Deadlock Legge 990 S33 Sliding Door Privacy Mortice Latch
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Application  Commercial




The Legge 990MF Series of mortice locks and latches have been designed specifically to meet the requirements of the Australasian market. With a range of lock functions, the 990MF Series has the right function to meet your specific needs. The 990MF Series is ideally suited for commercial, industrial, institutional and government buildings, where durability and security are of major importance. 




30 year mechanical warranty