Schlage eGO Smart Hotel Lock

Schlage eGO Smart Hotel Lock
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Application  Hospitality and Commercial



Designed specifically for the hospitality industry, the Schlage eGO Smart Hotel Lock makes guest access simple. Combined with Schlage Breeze Hotel, the Schlage eGO Smart Hotel Lock is a complete, electronic, guest and staff access system.

The Schlage eGO provides simple access options via the Schlage Breeze Hotel app on a smartphone, access card, or mechanical key override.

This lock is powered by Alkaline batteries (AAA) which ensures the lock remains fully functional even in the event of a power failure.

For remote access to the Schlage eGO, the lock can be paired with the Schlage Wi-Fi Bridge (BZ100) sold separately.

  • Schlage eGO can be operated with the Schlage Breeze Hotel app to allow virtual check-in or remote access for guest lock-outs 
  • Privacy turn on the internal plate provides led indication of room status 
  • Programme cards or app-based access for given time periods, days of the week i.e. staff shifts 
  • For app integration with existing PMS systems, Schlage has an SDK / API available 
  • Quickly and easily cancel access for lost or stolen cards / phones 
  • View the access audit trail. Easily trace who opened the door and when 
  • New cards automatically cancel previous ones, guaranteeing security 
  • Schlage Breeze Hotel requires a computer with Windows 10, internet connection, and a Card Encoder to read and programme cards



Mechanical - 2 years

Electronic - 2 years

Finish - 2 years