Change of stock policy for Zero door seals

Due to changes in production and associated importation costs, we have decided to stop stocking the Zero range of door seals in Australia from 1 October 2018. There currently is a range of core products availabe ex-Melbourne, however once these stocks have been used, all product will be indented from the USA with lead times and shipping costs applied.


Allegion Finalises Acquisition of Australian Residential Door Hardware Leader Gainsborough and API Locksmiths

Allegion, plc (NYSE: ALLE), a leading global security products and solutions provider whose brands include Brio, FSH, Legge and Schlage, today completed the acquisition of GWA Group Limited’s Door and Access Systems business in Australia.


Allegion Americas Honored by Frost & Sullivan’s Manufacturing Leadership Council for ‘Operational Excellence’

Allegion Americas, a leading security products and solutions provider, accepted a Frost & Sullivan’s Manufacturing Leadership (ML) Award for “Operational Excellence Leadership” at the Manufacturing Leadership Summit


How to create a mood board for your next remodelling project

Creating a well-designed space requires an intentional, and focused plan to achieve the look you want. A great way to stay focused and narrow your choices is by using a mood board. Check out our tips for building one of your own and the tools to help you get started.


School lockdown – the foundation of a security plan

Access control is the way a school manages credentials and the access and egress of its staff, students, and visitors daily. It's the most critical aspect of any school safety strategy. 


Setting the standard

Allegion's commercial range of Legge long plate furniture and mortice locks are now covered by an industry-leading 30 year mechanical warranty.


Allegion to Acquire Australian Residential Door Hardware Leader Gainsborough, National Commercial Locksmith

Allegion, plc (NYSE: ALLE), a leading global security products and solutions provider, has agreed to acquire GWA Group Limited’s Door and Access Systems Business through one of its subsidiaries.


Dave Petraits - If I knew then

Dave Petratis talks to Crains.com in their “If I knew then” series which explores mistakes made by executives, entrepreneurs and business leaders that have shaped their business philosophy.

Read more here.



ArchitectureAP Symposium 2018

Allegion is a proud sponsor of this year’s ArchitectureAP Symposium. The event will focus on architecture, design and urbanism from the Asia-Pacific region


Introducing new Legge Marine Series door furniture by Allegion

Allegion, a leading global security products and door hardware solutions provider, is proud to introduce the Legge Marine range of aesthetically pleasing and highly durable door furniture to suit Australian conditions.


Internet of Things

The question is not if IoT – the Internet of Things – will change the landscape of the multi-family market, but how.


Allegion™ moves readers, credentials to Schlage® portfolio

Allegion™, a leading security products and solutions provider, has moved readers and credentials to its Schlage® portfolio – giving customers a single, unified source for access control solutions


Keeping quiet

This case study discusses the successful installation of Von Duprin’s Quiet Electric Latch (QEL) in a healthcare facility. Louder environments are known to increase heart rates and create stress, so Allegion has reduced the QEL’s noise level to create more peaceful environments. Allegion seeks to provide productivity enhancing solutions to customers who value security and durability.


Cost of Noise

Loud noise hurts everyone—and it's especially bad for business. Continued exposure impairs hearing and undermines emotional well-being, exposing employers to potential liabilities. Even at relatively low levels, unwanted noise can be a costly drain on employee morale and productivity. 


Schlage Sense™ Smart Deadbolt now compatible with Android phones

The Schlage Sense™ Smart Deadbolt is built with Bluetooth® technology, allowing users to quickly pair the lock with their iPhone®, iPad®, iPod touch®, and now Android phones. Android users can now add and remove codes, lock and unlock the door, and check the lock’s status, history and more when within Bluetooth® range of the deadbolt.


How does your security impact patient, employee, and visitor satisfaction?

It is often said “people do not shop where they do not feel safe”. In many ways, healthcare consumers are no different. Although often directed to a specific facility by physician recommendation or health insurance constraints, many times the healthcare consumer does have a choice


The vital role of acoustical gasketing

Gasketing's importance derives from a fundamental property of sound: Sound waves travel through any opening with very little loss. While the amount of air flowing through a gap increases in proportion with the size of the gap, the size of the gap in a sound barrier does not matter. 


Designing Hospitals for Quiet Recovery

Today's healthcare facilities are evaluated not only for their ability to provide cutting-edge medical treatment, but also by how peaceful they can make the environment for patient recoveries. This can be a challenge because, by nature, hospitals are busy places filled with constant activity and noise.


The Mechanics of Sound Transmission

When sound comes in contact with a barrier, such as a door, some of the energy from the vibrations transfers to the door. The resulting vibrations in the door itself then set the air in motion on the other side of the door—creating more sound vibrations.


Get the most from Schlage hardware

In an age of short life cycles and disposable products – it is good to know Schlage products are built to last. A minimum 10 year warranty on all our products, many with a 25-years to life-time guarantee. But how to you keep them looking at working as well as the day you bought them? Here are some tips on care and maintenance of your Schlage hardware –


Role of door hardware in safer schools

All education facilities are required to provide suitable premises, which are safe havens’ where students can relax and focus on their education in line with the Duty of Care Policy. A successfully designed educational facility combines security with ease of movement.


IoT impact on building design

When architects design a building, it is about more than just style or aesthetics. It is how those elements add to the user experience—how they are able to move about, function and even enjoy a building. And now, architects have another tool in their arsenal that is allowing them to take the building experience to a whole new level: Internet of Things (IoT). 


Briton matte black door closer

Allegion is excited to announce the latest addition, matte black finish, to our popular Briton 1120 and 1130 Series door closers. The introduction of this contemporary and fashionable finish, allows Architects and Interior Designers to enhance the design and look of modern spaces.


Winning the security turf

A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away, there were two distinct departments: security and IT. The security department installed locks and other hardware, assigned and managed keys, and took responsibility for both the safety of its facilities and the budget that ensured its security. IT operated the enterprise technology, managed its own budget and rarely thought about what was happening in the security department.


2017 Trends to watch

There are a number of trends that will impact the industry in 2017, but they can all be summed up in one word: convergence. Specifically, the convergence of mechanical and electronic physical security solutions. There’s a common misconception that convergence involves the cannibalization of old technology by the new, but what it really means is the merging of distinct technologies or devices into a unified whole. The old complements the new and, in doing so, results in higher customer satisfaction, lower operating costs and higher margins.


Zero Door Seals

Allegion is proud to introduce leading Zero door seals to the Australian market. Zero is a global leader in the manufacture of door seals, gaskets, threshold plates, and a host of complimentary and ancillary items. 


Electrified options for panic hardware

There are several electrified options available for panic hardware.

Options are often added for access control, but they may also be added for a number of reasons, including remote monitoring of the hardware status, alarms to discourage use of the door, and code compliance for stairwell doors that require re-entry or fire-rated doors where electric dogging is needed.


Allegion upgrades Briton panic exit devices

Allegion presents the all-new design Briton B1413 panic exit device external trim. The upgraded product comes with a host of innovative features, including a more compact designer plate, return-to-door lever handles, and anti-vandal design. 


Trelock Acquisition

Allegion, plc (NYSE: ALLE), a leading global security products and solutions provider, has completed, through one of its subsidiaries, the previously announced acquisition of Trelock GmbH and related companies



Allegion presents CISA eSIGNO – bringing superior Italian design and quality with the latest contactless hotel locking technology to Australia.


Choosing the right LCN closer

Door control is not just to close the door, but also to provide enhanced security by properly latching a door that can be adjusted to meet disability compliance. The proper door closer will control a door in both the opening and closing cycles to prevent damage and injury caused by abuse, wind or other factors.



An architect's perspective

One of our colleagues in the US recently sat down with Marceli Botticelli, an architect with Payette, to get her perspective on the issues architects face when specifying door hardware—and what can be done to ease those frustrations.



Schlage Sense™ Smart Deadbolt

The Bluetooth® enabled Schlage Sense™ Smart Deadbolt has the ability to turn an iPhone®, iPad® and iPod Touch® into a key, allowing homeowners to easily talk to unlock their door using Siri®. 


SED100 – User Guides updates

The SED100 Electronic Touchscreen Deadbolt User Guide has been updated to reflect the change in the lock symbol.


Industrial looks with contemporary style

Brio®, a leading designer and manufacturer of sliding door systems, introduces the new Brio Open Rail range.

Architecturally designed, the Brio Open Rail range is a collection of exposed rail systems, referencing industrial style with modern, minimalist appeal.


Reflecting designer accents

 More than a year in the making, Verta’s story starts with a vision of an exceptional range of stainless steel furniture.  Working closely with a local design team, that vision was realised with a modern interpretation of a classic, functional product.

Starting with a traditional square shape, Verta features subtle design elements to define, elevate and modernise. Echoing classic lines with bevelled edges and radius corners, Verta features a central lineal crease - creating architectural planes that reflect light in every direction.

Constructed from marine-grade 316 stainless steel, each Verta lever transitions from a straight edge to a gently curved back, creating a soft touching point.  The juxtaposition of hard and soft, straight and curved, creates tactile surfaces which surprise and delight.


Allegion-sponsored project challenges students to create door hardware in 151 hours

Students only had 151 hours to create the design and prepare a competition-worthy presentation.​

T-minus 151 hours is an annual design project hosted at RIT. Students form into teams of five (freshman through graduate student) to complete a project assigned by the sponsoring company. As this year's sponsor, Allegion chose to focus on products for the aging population.


Allegion welcomes Brio to the family

Allegion today acquired the assets of Brio, a division of RMD Industries Pty Ltd. Brio is a market-leading designer and manufacturer od sliding and folding door hardware for commercial and residential spaces in Australia, New Zealand, the United Kingdom and the United States.


Making Style Accessible

Integrating style with accessibility, Allegion expands the Schlage 7000 Series with three innovative new designs.

The popular Schlage 7000 Series of doorware is a contemporary range of solid stainless steel levers.  Designed for modern interiors, the 7000 range elevates doorware from a functional purpose to a considered aesthetic.